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Thomas Newman Pound
Thomas Newman Pound, From the book of dance steps, 2018, Found mixed media assemblage
Thomas Newman Pound, From the book of dance steps, 2018, Found mixed media assemblage
Thomas Newman Pound, A Strange Archaeology

“There is in everything an aspect of the magical, the alchemist’s craft. The mundane is made anew through an element of metamorphosis or transfiguration. Pound’s materials are not new or raw, but discarded and time-worn, awaiting regeneration or transfiguration, adrift in time and space, trying to make sense of the concrete and tarmac and towers they have regained consciousness in.”
Bill McKay, Senior Lecture, School of Architecture and Planning, the University of Auckland.

In this group of works, the New Zealand artist has collected a treasury of the abandoned; bits and pieces gathered by walking through industrial areas, demolition sites, railway lines, and the suburban streets around him. With these finds he has constructed a poetic language of a half forgotten past, “a strange archaeology”, a kind of mapping of symbols and signs – and something of a prophetic glimpse into a future unknown. Although the works contain dialogues of art history, it is Pounds belief that the language of the works is ultimately constructed by the viewer, and the stories they bring to them.
Thomas Newman Pound makes something out of nothing, and that something is as extraordinary as it is inventive.

“With its encyclopedic scope, the work resembles a long poem formed from fragments, a text which has ancient associations yet speaks a thoroughly contemporary idiom.” 
Roger Horrocks, Emeritus Professor of Film, Television and Media Studies, the University of Auckland.

Curriculum vitae

*1960 Raehtihi, NZ
lives and works in Auckland, NZ


  • 2000-2005 contracted as a Display Artist for Auckland Museum; Auckland, NZ
  • 1990 set up of the company Film Associates Ltd., Auckland, NZ
  • 1983-1985 trained as a theatre set designer under the guidance of John Parker, Theater Corporta, Aukland, NZ  

Awards, Grants and Projects

  • 1990 arts council funding for the short film “Pages of Dreams” (premiered at the Auckland City Art Gallery 1994).
  • 1993 development funding for “Kimi and the Watermelon” (a bonsai epic) from the short film fund.
  • 1995 development funding for script analysis and treatment for “Breathe of a Stranger”, a 46 minute drama.
  • 2006 selected for the Auckland Festival of Photography as well as for the annual BMW Art Awards.  


  • University of Auckland Art Collection, Auckland, NZ
  • Private Collections in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Europe

Solo and Two-Person Shows (Selection)

2021 “Lost Pages”, Two-Person Collaboration with Roger Mortimer, Föenander Galleries, Auckland, NZ
2019 “A Strange Archaeology”, Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland, NZ
2018 “The Instance”, Old Government House, Auckland, NZ
2017 “Without Words”, Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland, NZ
“Without Words”, Gus Fisher Gallery (Auckland University), Auckland, NZ
2007 “Between Words”, Whitespace Gallery, Auckland, NZ
2001 “The Male Hand”, Greg Flint Gallery, Auckland, NZ
1998 “Lost and Found”, Artspace Gallery, Auckland, NZ
1990 “Objects”, Artspace Gallery, Auckland, NZ
1987 Photographic exhibition, Greg Flint Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Photographic exhibition, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland, NZ
“The Theatre of Photography”, Artspace Gallery, Auckland, NZ
1983 “Things Between”, Charley Grey Gallery, Auckland, NZ

Group Shows (selection)

2020 “Theresa Lawrenz, Ruben Brückel, Thomas Newman Pound”, Emde Gallery, Mainz, DE
“erstbegehung / first ascent”, Emde Gallery, Mainz, DE
2006 “Lost and Found”, Whitespace Gallery, Auckland, NZ
1998 “Catholic Taste”, Artspace Gallery, Auckland, NZ

Projects (Theatre, Writing, Music, Short Films and Documentaries, Teaching Work)

2009 Development of two collage workshops: “The Letter” (a series of workshops using non-verbal and expressive communication through collage at Toi Ora Live Arts Trust) and “Setting the Stage”.
2007 Prose work “The Aotearoan” translated from English to Maori by Don Selwyn (actor and film producer).
Set Design for the play “Resident Alien”, a one person monologue in the character of Quentin Crisp.
2000-2005 Photographic and lightbox installations in industrial spaces.
Art installations “I Dreamt I was Dreaming”, “Part One Moahunter Books”, “Part Two Nostromo Books”, and “Part Three Texas Rose”.
1990-2000 Short Films (selection): “A little Night Music”, “Blue Monday”, “Ave Maria”, “Between Words, between Objects”, “Pages of Dreams” (premiered at the Auckland City Art Gallery 1994).
Development of the 46 minute documentary proposal “Nuclear Days of New Zealand” together with Marilyn Waring and David Lange.
1980-1990 Creating of theatrical and industrial displays and three dimensional mini-sets.
Co-writing “Treasure Islands” and “What Now My Love”, providing vocals for these videos filmed, created and produced by Patrick Pound.
Vocalist and writer for the band “Plans for a Building. The single “Some alter, some sacrifice” reached number 14 in the New Zealand Charts.
Set designs for the plays “Motive” and “As is” at Circa Theatre, Wellington, NZ.
Selected Works

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