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Ed Baga
Ed Baga, Vincent und Annette, 2023, acrylic on hardboard, 84x60cm
Ed Baga, Vincent und Annette, 2023, acrylic on hardboard, 84x60cm
Ed Baga

Ed Baga, who is participating in Remix 2 as a guest artist, presents four works that are conceived as stand-ups and which will be placed on the pavement in front of the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. They are based on various photo templates from past openings of the Emde Gallery.
Ed Baga always paints from photographs, often from banal photographs of real life. With an enlightening wit and a feel for the "little" things in everyday life, his paintings capture pointed situations, mostly people interacting socially: People on the beach, on their mobile phones or reading, rowing, dancing or listening to music - common motifs and simple subjects that require no effort to decipher. He uses a specific painting technique that is characterised by a gestural, pastose application of paint and bright colours, executed with quick but precise strokes. Thanks to coarse painting surfaces, runny drips and a slight distortion of body parts and facial features, the photographic models and the people depicted lose their innocence and take on something stereotypical, superficial and unmasking in the paintings.

Ed Baga studied graphic design in Wiesbaden. Since 1995 he has been working as a freelance artist and illustrator. He lives and works in Oestrich-Winkel and Wiesbaden.

Curriculum vitae

*1967 in Innsbruck, AT
lives and works in Oestrich-Winkel und Wiesbaden, DE


  • 1989-95 Graphikdesign an der FH Wiesbaden, DE

  • 1992-1993  Studium an der UTS Sydney mit Schwerpunkt Image Making and Photography, AU

  • seit 1995 als freischaffender Künstler und Illustrator tätig

Solo and Two-Person Shows (selection)

2020 Weingut KRAYER, Oestrich-Winkel, DE
2019 Doppelausstellung mit Simon Colin, Weingut KRAYER, Oestrich-Winkel, DE
2019 „Ed Baga“, Kunst im Café / 4, Scholz & Volkmer, Wiesbaden, DE
2017 Roche Casino, Mannheim, DE
2015 „More Passion“, Galerie Schnittpunkt, Wiesbaden, DE
2013 „Portraits“, Galerie Schnittpunkt, Wiesbaden, DE
2012 „Fehmi Baumbach – Ed Baga“, Galerie Neongolden, Wiesbaden, DE
2010 „Tim Dinter – Ed Baga“, Galerie Neongolden, Wiesbaden, DE
2009 „Baltes meets Baga“, Doppelausstellung mit Jörg Baltes Galerie Kemenski, Mainz, DE
2008 „Leichte Kost“, Galerie Thalhaus, Wiesbaden, DE
2007 „Autosalon“, Doppelausstellung mit Paul Donda, Galerie Schnittpunkt, Wiesbaden, DE
2006 „MAKEYOURSTORY“, Galerie Nedev, Heidelberg, DE
2005 Doppelausstellung mit Udo Gottfried, FAC (Frankfurt Airport Center), DE
2001 drive-in Ausstellung, Heart-Gallery, Mannheim, DE
2000 „instant mami“, Galerie Fruchtig, Frankfurt am Main, DE

Group Shows (selection)

2023 „Remix 2“, Emde Gallery, Mainz, DE
2012 „Lüften Festival“, Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, DE
2011 „Lange Nacht der Galerien und Museen in Mainz“, Antiquariat am Ballplatz, Mainz, DE
2009 „Un hypermarché spécial“, Galerie Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main, DE
2003 „LOBOMOTION“, Lobo / Texas, US
2002 „Heimspiel“, Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden, DE
2002 „Große Ferien“, Wiesbadener Hauptbahnhof, Wiesbaden, DE
1996 „Fleisch“, Galerie Fruchtig, Frankfurt am Main, DE
1996 Eröffnungsausstellung, Galerie Subraum, Berlin, DE
Selected Works

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