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Danijel Sijakovic
Untitled (from the series "Night Moves"), 2020, analogue colour photography
Untitled (from the series "Night Moves"), 2020, analogue colour photography
Danijel Sijakovic

Danijel Sijakovic is showing a selection of new photography works in the dual show with Rahel Sorg. They were made in the last few weeks and months, mostly on nocturnal excursions through industrial areas and urban peripheries.

In doing so the artist keeps an eye on disregarded and overlooked places and urban spaces, far away from tourist’ trails. On his photos whole building units and facades appear, as well as smaller selections, details and interior views.

The fascination with and peculiarity of these places for Danijel Sijakovic comes from, among other things, the special aesthetic potential they offer. Because, as the artist states, they are places, which are hardly ever stepped foot in, “who’s landscapes and architecture obey their own urban codes, offer their own sounds and smells, present other surfaces and structures“.

Danijel Sijakovic works with an analogue medium format, which takes a “decelerated and concentrated working method on each single picture“. Thus, the detail selections are carefully chosen and the pictures are composed meticulously. They are characterized by a clear visual language, in which the principle of the central perspective dominates, often with an offset vanishing point or a slightly dramatized direction of light. The pictures are never edited or manipulated, but always stay “pure” photography.

Because of the special light situation, the works often have a stage-like characteristic, as well as a filmic-narrative dimension, which points beyond the depicted and enhances the idea, that photographic representation also always means the construction of reality. This becomes most evident in the interior shots. More than just succeeding with the light and stage situation, he also manages to confer something dramatic to the overlooked.

Through showing disregarded and overlooked places, seemingly without any special characteristics, utterly without anything painterly about them, but capturing them in aesthetically successful compositions, which are oriented on painting, the artist sensitizes us for these places and their hidden aesthetic potential.

Curriculum vitae

*1989 in Osijek, Kroatien, HR
lives and works in Mainz, DE


  • since 2015 "Bachelor of Education" – Kunsthochschule Mainz, DE

  • since 2020 Fine Arts, Mainz Academy of Fine Arts, painting class Shannon Bool, film class John Skoog, DE

Awards, Grants, Projects:

  • 2020 The Mainz Academy of Arts’ Annual Exhibition Award of the Mainzer Volksbank

  • 2019 Sponsorship of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation)

  • 2018 Rhineland-Palatinate sponsorship to support the film and media projects of young artists

Solo and Two-Person Shows

2020 „Rahel Sorg & Danijel Sijakovic“, two-person show with Rahel Sorg, Emde Gallery, Mainz, DE

Group Shows (selection)

2020 „Wir leben auf einem Stern. Intro“, Kunsthalle Mainz, DE
„Rundgang“, annual exhibition, Mainz Academy of Fine Arts, DE
2019 „Schwer verletzt auf dem Sofa“, Schloß Freudenberg, Wiesbaden, DE
„Sorry we are open“, Atelierhaus Waggonfabrik, Mainz, DE
„The exquisite corpse“, Babur Gallery, Jerusalem, IL
„Günstig Tanken“, former filling station Reifen Rauch, Mainz, DE
2018 „Inside Typ B“, Lutherkirche Mainz, DE
„Strangers on a Train II“, Screening Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, DE
2017 „Strangers on a Train“, film class John Skoog, Kunsthalle Mainz, DE
„Unten“, Bungalow 10.8, Mainz Academy of Fine Arts, DE
„Gegendarstellung“, Fotografie und Medienkunst, Kunsthaus Viernheim, DE
Works (selection)

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